Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two years later...


It has been two years since I last posted on this blog. I'm pretty sure I forgot I had even started it for almost a year of that time, but I can't claim selective amnesia for the last several months. I took that time to slowly build my courage back up, tweak fonts and color schemes, decide on a general feel and flow to the entire page... basically, I've just been freaking out over the thought of putting myself out there again and trying my damnedest to procrastinate the hell out of starting.

The past two years have been eventful. I left the job I had been at since before I was a legal adult, started a new job in a completely different field, finally moved out of the tiny tiny tiny one bedroom "First Apartment" and into a tiny tiny tiny two bedroom house. The hubby (Red) has pursued his raygun business full-time and we have learned so much, not only about selling, marketing, etc., but also about ourselves and our desires for the future.

Just a couple of months ago, I worked my first solo market! I feel a little silly about how excited and nervous this made me since Red and I had been selling at markets together for over two years at that point, but this time was different. It had always been his booth, with the handful of items I'd managed to make during the evenings and weekends thrown in haphazardly. This time it would just be me. Not only crochet rayguns and Jeets, but hats and booties and bears and whatever else my imagination could come up with before the day of the show. Every single item I had worked so meticulously on would be out, my own banner displayed proudly across the front of a table filled with crochet goodies.

Jeez-a-lou, my palms are starting to sweat just thinking about it. Excited and nervous.

I worked every spare minute on product, not giving a thought to my own exhaustion or making dinner or even the booth display. Well, that's not entirely true. I would think about display on occasion and then I would get completely overwhelmed and freak out and huddle into a dark corner of my mind for a few hours. Luckily, I have quite possibly the most amazing husband in the world. Red took it upon himself to make me the most beautiful display I could have ever hoped for, especially considering we had less than a week to complete the displays and absolutely no money to spend on them.

Genius that he is, he managed to design me a fantastic new logo, draw it on a banner and design a table layout with height and layers and depth using only our collapsible bedside stands and whatever fabric we already had laying around! The finished product is below.

Not bad, eh? It's hard to tell from the tiny squashed photo, but it looked super cute. It will need to be tweaked to work out any imperfections, but it was certainly eye catching enough to bring in some sales. I was even approached about consigning to a local shop! Admittedly, I'm not quite there yet, but it's still nice to know that other people, people who are not my loved ones, really like what I do. It's not just my family and friends saying pretty words to me!